My ecological commitment to sustainable tourism

The Hameau du Quercy is a Lot atypical place combining charm, harmony, ecology, wellbeing and sharing.
This life project is based on respect for people and nature.
During your stay, I invite you to take advantage of local activities, meet local providers who work in a respectful of the environment and human, discover the rural, gastronomic and cultural heritage.


Découvrez l’Esprit des lieux :

Offers you a wonderful place…

Situated in the valleys and woodland surroundings, the “Hameau du Quercy” offers a privileged setting which favours relaxation and well-being.
This hamlet of houses built in the style of the Quercy, classifed 4 épis Gîtes de France, each benefiting from a private leafy area.
The hamlet is surrounded by meadows (5 acres) and overlooks the village.
On your arrival, you will experience a sense of calm... listen to nature... And let yourself be wrapped in serenity.



For your comfort, marry tradition to modernity…

Our houses have been renovated respecting the French heritage. The materials used are noble and natural : stone, pebble, eco-friendly lime, wood, iron. The interior design respects the Feng Shui philosophy, harmonizing energies around us and favoring our well-being. Decor by local artists, who have signed their works, has been added. The decoration of the houses evokes an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.
Breakfasts "organic" are tasty and served in a dish designed and created especially for the Hamlet.
Concerned about your rest, I selected a bedding comfort. Respect for nature, the linen is cotton, homecare products and cosmetics are eco-labeled and we sort our waste and rubbish. Each house is equipped with wired internet access. WIFI is free and on demand.

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Revitalize yourself

Our natural swimming pool operates as a biological ecosystem, (no chemicals products) where filtration is done by the plants. It is rectangular in shape (5m by 10m), bordered by a wooden terrace and sun beds.
You will bathe in fresh authentic water : where dragonflies, butterflies, swallows meet... A unique experience that will wake up to your senses. To the delight of children! who can fish for tadpoles... great fun as well as educational. The swimming pool is shared by all guests of the hamlet.



Stroll, dream and breathe… nature

Nature invites you to stroll. You will be enchanted by the singing of birds as you wander along the pathways bordered by centenary oak trees leading from one field to another. And just by chance you may get glimpse of some local fauna: deer, foxes, falcons...

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Regenerate your energy...

My garden is my accomplice... Stroll and fill yourself with positive energies that emerge.
It is an extension of the houses and the ideal place to relax...
Fresh air, silence, smooth curves, vigorous plants and colorful foliage... breathe, everything is there...
And when evening comes, under a starry sky and bathed in soft light... the magic acts.

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